BitQT Review

BitQT is a company that claims. Bitcoin is making investors rich. However, this is just another get rich quick scheme that targets innocent traders in the market. The entity has nothing to offer, and it is a Ponzi scheme you should avoid. They also state that their application is free and you have nothing to lose.

If at all, making money was this easy, then everyone should be running to their website (which is not the case). The company does not have much traffic coming in its platform, which is a red flag. Investors should be keen when dealing with such entities. They only promise irresistible offers but do not deliver the expected outcome.

When you visit the website of this shady firm, you will see pop-ups of individuals who have earned a certain amount of profits. The information will be manipulated to show the clients are from your country to lure you into venturing with the scammers. Be on the lookout and spot the loopholes with such companies.

BitQT claims that they will assist you in transforming your life immediately. However, there is nothing like quick money; you will only make losses by trading with unregulated ventures. The platform, just like other fraudulent ventures, proclaims it has been featured on news outlets, which is false information.

The company additionally features statistics indicating the total amount their clients have earned. The firm also insinuates it has over 75K existing clients. It is tough to attain such figures in a concise duration. Even the best crypto trading companies do not have such an audience a few days after being launched. The entity was established in November 2019.

The Program Can Teach You

There are other crypto investing programs out there that claim to do what BitQT does. However, the advantage of this program is that it can teach you to do what it does. You can learn how to trade on your own so that you can make your own deals. Pairing your knowledge and instincts with the auto trading capabilities of this program is what pushes its success rate to 99%.

Even with BitQT teaching you how to trade in cryptocurrency, it’s still best to let it do its own thing. The reason is that this software can make trades in just 0.03 seconds, which is faster than any human can possibly act. By striking at lightning-fast speed, it ensures that you don’t miss out on any deals.

What Makes BitQT So Great?

Now that you know a bit more about BitQT, you need to understand what makes it so great. Why would you choose this program over other auto trading bots? The truth is that a number of factors elevate this program to elite status.

Ability to Analyze the Market

One of the primary functions of BitQT is its ability to analyze the cryptocurrency marketplace. Using complex algorithms, it can predict which cryptocurrency is expected to rise and fall, helping you predict moves before they happen.

This program’s predictions work so well because it’s not hampered by emotions. When you hire a broker or try to make predictions yourself, the predictions will always be marred by personal emotions and knee-jerk reactions. The result is you losing money because you acted emotionally to a situation.

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Free Cryptocurrency Trading

Most auto trading bots will trade cryptocurrency for you. However, they do very little, if anything, to help you understand the moves that they make. That’s not the case with BitQT. The goal of the program isn’t only to auto trade for you. It also aims to help you understand how to trade in cryptocurrency so that you can eventually do it on your own if you wish.

How does it do this? By providing a free telephone call with a cryptocurrency trading expert. This 10-minute conversation is a great way for you to get coaching and information about how to make the most out of your auto trading software. No other auto crypto trading bot offers this service.

Trade Without Emotions

Having the ability to remove yourself from making emotional trades is the key to successfully trading cryptocurrency. As mentioned above, BitQT uses statistical data to create trade signals. This eliminates the possibility of emotional trading and lowers the potential losses that come from making rash choices within the market.

Free Demo Account

One of the best features of this program is the ability to set up a demo account. The demo doesn’t require you to invest any money. Instead, you use fake money to test out how the robot trader works. With the pretend money, the program shows you how to use it and how your money would be invested if it was real.

Of course, the money that you earn from your demo account isn’t real. However, it does a great job of creating a safe way to test the software before you invest any real money. Once you feel confident about how to use the program, you can put real money into it and invest without any worries.

How to create an account with BitQT BQ

Registering a trading account with BitQT BQ is simple. Visit their website here and register for free. BitQT BQ is available in all countries that allow fast-paced derivatives trading.

These include the best part of Europe and Asia and some parts of the US.  BitQT BQ is also available in Australia and some parts of Africa. Moreover, there are no skills or knowledge prerequisites to trading with this robot.

You only need as little as 250 USD in your trading account to start trading. Under favourable trading conditions and with the right trading settings, you can reportedly turn such a small deposit to over $1000 in the first 24 hours of trading.

We have analyzed feedback from users who have tried this robot, and at least 70% of them allege, making such a rate of return.


As mentioned earlier, registering a trading account with BitQT BQ should be a walk in the park. This is especially if you are attentive enough to follow the provided instructions.

Registration with BitQT BQ involves submitting your name, email, and phone number through a provided form. The robot will require you to confirm the contact details through an SMS sent to your phone and a link sent to your email.

You will also be taken to a local broker’s page to verify identity. This is in line with global regulatory requirements. All financial institutions must implement Know Your Customer (KYC) measures to prevent financial crime.


The amount you deposit is what will be used to place bets in the market. You need as little as 250 USD to get started.

If lucky enough, you won’t need to add capital since this amount is reportedly sufficient to earn up to $1000 daily. That is if the right trading settings are applied, and the market conditions are favourable.

BitQT BQ partner brokers accept funding in multiple ways. You can deposit via wire or through most debit and credit cards. The majority of these brokers also support account funding through e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller and crypto-wallets.

Trading practice

BitQT BQ offers a highly intuitive practice account to help users prepare enough before live trading. The demo has nearly every feature you will find in the live account.

Moreover, it runs on real trading data and hence simulates a live trading experience. The results you generate through the demo should give you a picture of what to expect in the live account.

BitQT BQ offers a well-equipped trading resource centre to help you prepare enough before going live. Take your time to go through all the trading resources before moving to the live account.

Live trading

Follow what you have learned in the demo to trade with a live account. Live trading with BitQT BQ app happens at a single click of a button similarly to bots like Cryptosoft.

However, you need to apply the Stop Loss and Take Profit features according to your risk appetite. BitQT BQ offers a risk appetite test to help you determine the level of risk that suits your profile.

Make sure that you go through this test before moving to the live account. Click the link below to visit BitQT BQ registration form.

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High profitability with BitQT

We observed something amazing during this BitQT review. My team found out that the transactions always end positively, and the user makes a profit.

This happened while we used the live trading feature, and we saw from the testimonials on the site that many other investors who trade with BitQT make a profit every day.

We tested the trading system with our analytics tools, and after the permutations, my team discovered that the success rate for all transactions on BitQT is above 95%, this result was consistent with our experience on the crypto trading platform.

BitQT is Excellent

This is our verdict. We have found all the information that we need to confirm that it is in the best interests of all investors to start trading with BitQT.

The crypto trading platform is secure, and everything works. We know that there are no hidden fees, all the processes are transparent, and the chance of making money from the crypto market daily is guaranteed.

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