Bitcoin Bank Review

Recently, a new trading software was added to the bitcoin investment industry. This software is called bitcoin bank and it is allegedly created by a company or organization known as the International Council for Bitcoin.

There is also a letter available on their website which has been signed by someone named David. This person claims to have earned over a million as a result of investing in bitcoins. What’s extremely shocking about this letter is that David claims to have earned that big amount in just a single trade. If we put it in simple words, David became a millionaire overnight.

We highly doubt that a trading system that has been launched recently can have such potential. To verify the details of this software and to establish its legitimacy, we conducted our own research and investigation.

Bitcoin Bank

Bitcoin Bank is a bitcoin trading software that’s meant to help newbie traders get involved in Cryptocurrency trading with less risk than traditional investment opportunities. bitcoin bank software was created by The International Council For Bitcoin who is PRO Bitcoin trader Group behind the bitcoin bank software. Find out all about bitcoin bank software by The International Council For Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Bank Review

You need to be aware of the fact that ponzi schemes are nowadays sophisticated and not too obvious to spot. Bitcoin Bank cannot convince us otherwise because it is already showing the usual characteristics of a lending ponzi scheme with a fake Cryptocurrency not worth buying. In fact, modern ponzi schemes have fake coins which they are offering for a price. Whenever you buy such a coin, you lose money because you are spending real value to acquire nothing.

We came to learn about this bogus scheme when an infamous ponzi scheme called Bitconnect came online some time last year and eventually collapsed in a spectacular fashion. Their admins are currently dealing with a lawsuit which is related to defrauding victims on the internet.

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This is clearly the path of Bitcoin Bank which is obviously trying to implement the dangerous ways of its former self, Bitconnect.

When someone tells you that they will give you a fixed daily return if you use their robot, you should definitely know that you are talking to a scammer or someone who is very ignorant on matters related to trading.

This is Cryptocurrency trading, and the volatile nature of Cryptos is certainly something you cannot predict. That means you cannot promise a fixed daily return in any way.

The other concern that we have against this website is that they claim they have a trading bot yet no activities of that trading bot were presented on this website. They would have certainly done a good job if they spared time and resources to talk more about the alleged software and its performance. By saying ‘talk’, we mean giving some verifiable proof of performance.

So far, this has not happened. It was just mentioned in the passing, meaning that they are not even serious about it. You can rest assured that these guys are taking you for a ride on this matter.

How to create an account with Bitcoin Bank

Bitcoin Bank allows you to register and get started immediately. The robot is auto and hence easy to use for all.

Furthermore, it is available in over 140 countries, all of which support derivatives trading. Most of Bitcoin Bank users are mostly from Europe, Australia, Asia, and the US. Since January this year, Bitcoin Bank has partnered with some brokers covering some parts of Africa and South America. Follow the steps below to get started with Bitcoin Bank.


Firstly, click here to register to Bitcoin Bank. The registration process takes about three minutes and involves filling the registration form on their website.

You will need to accept the platform’s terms and conditions before proceeding. It is also important that you choose to be on their mailing list since this is how you get updates. Bitcoin Bank seems to handle users’ data with strict confidentiality.

In this age of data theft, a safe platform should have top-level encryption and also be compliant with data privacy measures.


You will then need to deposit a minimum of $250. Bitcoin Bank accepts account funding through Wire Transfer, Visa, Master Card, WebMoney, Neteller, Skrill, and bitcoin.

Other deposit options may apply depending on the partner broker. You don’t need to worry about deposit fees when trading with Bitcoin Bank. Moreover, all deposits facilitate instantly to allow users to start live trading immediately.

Your money is safe given that Bitcoin Bank only works with legit and well-regulated brokers. Regulators monitor brokers to ensure that they adhere to strict deposit protection measures. These include segregation of deposits and period external audits. Do not deposit more than $250 to begin with, to avoid losing all your funds.

Education and demo trading

After deposit, you can access the trading education section. It is vital that you spend enough time here to avoid mistakes during live trading.

Bitcoin Bank offers 12-page trading manually with graphics to help you navigate through their platform. Also available are video tutorials to help you master risk management in trading. The trading education materials are written in layman’s language to help all users understand.

Some of the areas to focus on during trading education include risk management and opening and closing live sessions. Risk management takes place through the Stop-Loss, Take-Profit, and Negative Balance Protection. Bitcoin Bank has clearly explained these terms in the video tutorials.

Similar to other bots like Bitcoin Profit, the Bitcoin Bank demo account is the place to practice what you learn through educational materials. It is highly intuitive and runs on historical data to give users a real feel of what to expect in live trading.

Live trading

This should be easy if you have taken your time to understand the robot during trading education. You only need to adjust the Take Profit and Stop Loss features and click the live trading button.

Bitcoin Bank claims to conduct trades with a supposed 99% accuracy.  This is similar to other robots in the market like Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Revolution.

What this means is that, according to the bot, there is a possibility of hitting a home run in at least 9 out of every 10 trades. Some of Bitcoin Bank users reportedly earn up to 4 times their invested capital in a day of trading.

However, be aware that these stats are not proved or guaranteed and loss of capital is possible when trading with this bot.

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The Benefits Of Bitcoin Bank Software:

Watch over the Shoulder of a Pro Every Day and you can learn as you trade.
Averaging 97% Winning Weeks With bitcoin bank — which means more potential profits for you
bitcoin bank Software Are Completely Transparent
No previous experience with binary options trading needed
Web-based, no need for downloads, also works on phones, tablets
You Can Even Watch bitcoin bank Signals From Your Phone (iPhone Users — Photon Browser)
No PC Downloads Required
Multiple Signals Every Day with bitcoin bank Broker– You will receive an average of 21 to 98 Bitcoin trading signals daily which is good enough for you to earn quick profits for your day.
Can turn $250 into $43,971.17 in few days

Bitcoin Bank Review: Key points!

We have analyzed Bitcoin Bank in relation to performance, reputation, ease of use, customer service, and safety. Here are our key findings.

  • Bitcoin Bank seems to have a happy client base given its ever-growing demand and coverage by the mainstream media. The robot has been featured on leading crypto publications. It has a TrustPilot rating of 4.4/5 after nearly 1k reviews.
  • This robot has a great reputation all over the internet with users alleging a daily return of up to 400%. There are also claims that it is possible to grow a small investment to a million dollars through compounding.
  • Bitcoin Bank is also top-rated on customer service. We can confirm that their customer service is easily reachable through phone and live chat. You can also write them an email but it will take up to 24 hours to get a reply.
  • Bitcoin Bank is beginner friendly and is currently highly popular with passive online investors. You can trade with this robot successfully even if this is the first time you are hearing about crypto trading.
  • Regarding safety, Bitcoin Bank applies 128-bit key encryption and has a cyber incident response team to carry out penetration tests and patch loopholes. Furthermore, the robot is fully compliant with GDPR, a regulation that assures clients in the EU of data privacy.

We conclude that this robot is likely legit. However, while it allegedly generates extremely high ROI, it also comes at significant risk. Never invest with a margin trading bot more than you can afford to lose.

The Negative Of Bitcoin Bank System:

100% foolproof success cannot be guaranteed, but over 97% of people have success with bitcoin bank Software
Must have internet access
Must have about an hour a day (No something for nothing here)

Bitcoin Bank Bottom Line:

If you are ready to start making money online with bitcoin banks, there has never been a better opportunity than now. If you enjoy surfing the web for countless hours looking for the next Trading Method Secrets, never being able to get focused, being overloaded with conflicting information, and not making money online, you should probably leave this page right now and get back to that bitcoin bank System strategy